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A lot of my photographs reflect what I wish I had had access to when I was growing up. A different way, the destruction of gender, different sized and shaped bodies, racial diversity, queerness. Most of my photos are of friends, some are long time friends, some are lovers, some are acquaintances, and many are pillars of the community. Queerness has always been to me a freedom, a space where we hold each other accountable and get free all at the same time. A place where we talk and analyze and attempt to destroy the systems that oppress our families, chosen or not. I think self acceptance and self love are radical and important actions toward our queer liberation. That’s a huge reason why i take photos of the queer people in my life — to hold up a mirror and show my friends how beautiful they are. As far as representation goes, the more we can see each other and ourselves, the better. It’s far beyond time for there to be much more space for fatness, blackness, genderfuckery, the variety of differently shaped and abled bodies, and for us to all feel sexy naked.